4PACK: 1 Magical Glove + 3 Purify Filters

  • $44.95
+ Description

Introducing the 4 Pack! Bringing precision, options and extras to your extractions. This 4 Pack Kit includes 3 different filter bags, ranging in micron filtration, and the silicone Magical Glove.

Pro Tip: For more thorough straining, use filters in order from larger to smaller

+ Features


  • 3 Purify Filter Bags
  • 25 micron is a super fine pore size, best for kief or hashish
  • 73 micron is for a finer tincture and better clarity
  • 220 is a larger pore size, great for butter or thicker extracts
  • 1 Magical silicone cooking glove
+ Dimensions


Weight: 1 lb

Width: 7.5 Inches

Height: 12 Inches

Depth: 2 Inches

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