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I have made many types of remedies in the short time I have had this unit and have found it to be great. The only thing that would be helpful is an LED timer and the ability to put in the dishwasher.

I look forward to using this unit more and exploring all the things I can do with it.....



This is our second purchase and the first one is still running great. Love making butters, cooking oils and even salves. Highly recommend this machine for its intended purpose!


Love this product, very easy and way cool lights. The best part is not having to monitor your herb for hours on the stove top. The strainer bag is superior to cheesecloth and strainers. And customer service, top notch. Emailed and called regarding recipes and question about the machine, very quick response and knowledgeable.

The Princess

This is probably one of the best machines and company's ever. The machine is of the finest quality and for the price you would think otherwise. It comes with a very easy to follow recipe book and instructions. I love easy it is to use and with the automated instructions it makes leaving it alone all day very safe. The first batch of oil I made came out amazing. Besides the product quality the customer service is unmatched. I had a problem with the machine a few days after I received it and the company did everything they could to fix it asap. They made it a worry free process and have nothing but great things to say. I would recommend this product to everyone. It is a must have!!

Matthew Canzano

I just love this machine. It is my coveted kitchen appliance for sure! Not only does it make great oil/butter but you can make your own alcohol tinctures, which is very dangerous to do without the machine. I took a class on Herbology a few years back and to make our own alcohol herbal tinctures we would need to let them sit in the menstruum for months. Now I can make it in hours and produce a superior quality product from what you can get at the herbal store!
I'm not done yet..... to top it all off, the customer service will knock your socks off! Any problem/question/issue I have ever had was resolved WAY beyond my expectations. They will go over the top to make you happy. This company knows how to do it right!!

Dawn Sowers

Not only do I love my MB for it's efficiency in making infused coconut oil edibles and topicals, I also want to comment on the customer service. I had a problem with my machine. I called them and they bent over backwards to help me and make it right. These folks are the bomb (good way). I am so glad I own a MB machine and I would recommend it to anyone.
Thank you MB folks!
Sincerely, kate

Kate Sparks

I love my MB machine!!! Best thing ever invented!

Tracey S.

One the best investments you can make for yourself and your loved ones! This machine was simple to use and was worth the wait to buy!

Victoria O.

Watched this product for a while but i was skeptical. I continued to make my edibles the old school way. But one day I stopped in at (http://www.wakeandbakecookbook.com/) and saw that Corrine has been promoting this MB2 with rave reviews. The other day MB2 & Wake & Bake promoted a sale on this unit and I decided to give it a shot. Man am I glad I did. All I can say is thank you all, I'm so glad I pulled the trigger and bought this unit. My Life just got a lot easier, to quote Ron Popiel "Just set it and Forget it".
Thank you all, Love the product!



I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband during your black Friday sale
He made his first batch of butter and used the butter to make brownies. He LOVED it. He said the brownies turned out exactly how he wanted. Next he is going to try the oil. He shared the butter with my dad and now he too wants to buy a machine. I definitely think this has been he favorite Christmas gift I've ever given him.


10 STARS!!! Shipment was fast and easy. Package arrived safely and certainly did not disappoint! I've made my first herb-infused oil and couldn't be more pleased with the result. What the website failed to mention (that makes it delightful to discover) is the tiny row of LED lights that blink and change color while the machine is in progress. I guess you could call it the Lava Lamp of the new generation.


Chef Joey, (Florida)
U get 5 stars brother for your knowledge and ability to answer every question I had.


I received my machine and immediately decide to make a batch of oil. I plugged it in and set it and it had a malfunction. I called the support team and the problem was taken care of quickly. They sent me a new machine right away. I love my new MBe2 machine. I cant believe how easy it was to make" Happy" oil. The whole process was quick and easy (almost to easy). I have made a batch now every week for a month and still cant believe how great this machine is. I tell all my friends about how the old way of making oil or whatever is a thing of the past. I highly recommend this machine to anyone who doesn't have time to waste. Its fast and efficient.


An incredible essential oil extractor that is safe, solid and simple. Every dispensary should have them for their patients use and or rental. A must have in any modern kitchen for the finest food infusions and flavours.

We were given this as a gift, divine timing, my husband was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer at the same time-having a lot of the dry material we needed made it easy for him to create his cure! If he had had to do it the old fashioned way when he was so sick, it might not have gotten done. Almost a year later he is doing very good and we have turned many people on to this method and made some oil for friends. I plan on making oregano oil this year from all my harvest! Thank you Magical Butter Machine!!!

Lily Tarbet

I gave a positive review a few months ago and vowed to update my review after a few more uses. Well, it's been about 4 more uses and I have to say I love the MB2! It has performed beautifully and was very easy to clean. The instructions were easy to follow. I have used it primarily to make tinctures, but my next project will be butter. So, what do I have to say now after using the MB2 for almost a year? WOW! YES!!! This is amazing and worth every penny! And to the reviewer who said "lose the flashing lights" around the top rim...NO! Keep the nice blinking lights! I like 'em, and yes I'm a sucker for pretty blinking lights! Bottom line, the MB2 was an excellent purchase. [And I'm not an employee or anything....hell, I was so impulsively stupid when I bought it, I forgot to add the 20% off coupon to my order, so I paid full price.... and I'm still happy! LOL]


Made a great tincture in one hour with 2 oz. cannabis, sunflower lecithin & 2 C liquid coconut oil. After straining, I then put the oil saturated herb back in with 2 C grain alcohol for 8 h to get every bit of the goodness. Then I boiled it down after straining and had a cup of very potent, fast acting tincture. I'm thinking of mixing it with the original coconut cannabis oil which comes on slower but lasts for hours. Very pleased with the ease of preparation the and quality of the machine and my results.

Zep4 (Cheryl)

I just got my magical butter machine a few days ago. On the first day within five hours of having the machine open I was able to create awesome butter my first try! Made some couch parking brownies right then. Next day had a question about cook times on the coconut oil. Called customer service and was greeted promptly and advised to cook it for four hours. The oil is perfect. The machine works flawlessly! Drizzled some of the infused oil on my pork chops before throwing on a hot skillet, was I ever impressed with the taste. Definitely worth the money can't wait to learn more about how to cook with it. Thank you for a great product

Butter confectionist

I'm a huge fan.. First of all, I'm the author of Cannabis Cocktails- the first book on the topic. The Magical Butter Machine is the sprawl. Made my life extremely easy. Sure I explained how to do what the machine does automatically- just in case someone wants to take the slow road..
What the Magical Butter Machine does is just brilliant. Therefore easy... Therefore I wanted one.
So I bought one! And it's one of those great purchases in life. Simple to use and yes.. It works.
Check out my book, Cannabis Cocktails- and know that the easy to follow recipes were made with... yes... the Magical Butter Machine.


When I first discovered MagicalButter, the machine was on pre order. I was skeptical. So I waited, and I mean, WAITED. Years flew by and I finally bought mine 3-4 months ago. I use it so much, I've been debating on ordering another one. It's like science done right. You don't ruin any extractions, I fell in love with it's first use. I tell all of my friends about it and they're shocked something like this even exists. I have an anxiety disorder that pharmaceuticals just don't keep in check. I started adding extractions to my daily routine in small doses and have never felt better! I make some of the recipes from the site repeatedly too. I love MagicalButter. It's the best thing I have ever bought, pretty much... ever.

P. Savage

Received my unit today. Converted 1/2oz of dry material to 3oz of liquid tincture following directions.
I added peppermint tincture to take some edge off. First dosage was 2ml or a full dropper.
My results turned out very well. This is a wonderful machine.
Major heart surgery and Stage 4 cancer at 57-years old.
Thank you. No opiates for me. I have a better tool to use now.

Big E

Changed my life. Easy. Cleans up in a snap. Make a batch and put it away. Discreet and the grown up way to medicate. Say no to combustion. Say yes to the Magical Butter machine.


I love this machine -such a worthwhile investment! What was once a two day process now gets the job done perfectly in two hours. The results are consistent and exceptional! To top it off the customer service is top notch. I love my MagicalButter and would recommend it to anyone!


This machine is awesome. I use it one a month for a consistent quality product. Hands free, no mess, low odor. Before the Magic Butter machine this was a 4 hour process requiring constant temperature adjustment and stirring and when I was done I had a sink full of dirty dishes. Now I add the ingredients and push a button. You guys knocked this one out of the park! Thank you

Paul B

I bought my first MB back in 2013 and have used it almost none stop making butter, cooking oil, healing salves, tinctures. A friend has since taken over using it and producing lots of butter and cooking oils with it. I bought a second one and received it a week ago. I just put it through it's paces today and found an issue with it. I contacted support via live chat and the problem was taken care of so quickly that I have no worries that production will continue without any major interruptions!

This machine is HIGHLY recommended for the simplicity of use, easy to clean and no hassle warranty repairs/replacements!

DO yourself a favor and pick one of these up today! You might even need 2 so you can share one!

Tim D
Credit processing business

This machine is AMAZING!!!! My husband got it for me as a Christmas gift and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I make a lot of homemade things and this machine not only takes the guess work out of everything but the quality of my products are top notch. I make tinctures, butters, salves and lotions in it and no one can compare their products to mine. Thanks to this machine, I am known for the best product maker of homemade medicinal products and body spa products. This machine makes it super easy and fun to make things and my infusions are the best out there. Clean up is a snap because it cleans itself basically. The pretty lights are an added bonus and some people may say it makes loud noises, I don't think so. This machine is a must is you want to make the very best of anything. I totally recommend it!!!


Today I made my first batch of canna-oil using an MB2e. You might think what you have been reading is hype.

Started out years ago using a crockpot and whole herbal product. (Hard on the back.) Next I explored bubble herbal extraction in conjunction with alcohol, a water filled pot, an electric burner and boiling flask. (Harder on the back.) Before getting the MB2e I had was working with coconut oil and a pressure cooker.

Today I made my first batch of canna-oil using an MB2e. It used less herbal product and my back does not hurt in the least. In fact, I do not think I can feel my back at all right now. (Do not lick the bowl.) Seasonal arthritis and migraines are joke to the what comes out of an MB2e. The hype, it is real.

Just a guy.

Now that I've made a few batches with the MB2, I'll tell you that's the best investment I've made in a long time, it's definitely a 5-star Hell 10 star rating in my book. I make a 8 hr. Honey & cinnamon and use it in my coffee,
4 tablespoons and within 30 minutes I can feel my pain start to subside, thus the reason I got the MB2 in the first place. Thank you to Kris and all the folks over at Magicalbutter for all the help on working out my recipe, I finally settled on using 3/8oz of product 6 ounces Honey and 1/2 cup of distilled water set the temp at 160f cooked it 8 hrs and rendered a quart and a half of the best honey I've ever had. I run two batches each time to get 3 quarts,
that will last me a whole month using it 2 times a day and an occasional friend stopping by.
The first time I did it I cooked it at 130f but the second time I ran it at 160f and I liked it better.
Again thank you, thank you, thank you, what a great product, I recommend the MB2 to everybody and I do all the time.

LD Rogers

I purchased me one of these SWEET Magical Butter 2 Machines, or MB2, and it is works just as advertised!. Set it and forget it. The self cleaning mode is nice as well and makes clean up of the unit a simple process. Some advise to everyone, start the cleaning cycle while it is still warm and it will make the clean up process a lot easier and it takes no time to get the cycle started while you finish up you recipe.

The MB2 is a sturdy little machine and travels well. Great to take over to family and friends homes to help them make some nice holiday treats!!! The bag and glove that come with the MB2 are great. The straining bag makes it very easy to strain your recipe and the Silicone LOVE GLOVE allows you to handle hot items. It is a handy kitchen item to have. I ordered an extra bag and love glove right off the bat. Two is better than one. LOL

Keep up the great work Team MB!!! You have devised a great product and I am enjoying making the different recipes with it. This is a must have for beginners and a GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!!! Now for your next project? Design a smaller version for small batches. This makes a lot for one person. LOL But it is totally awesome.

Also to people just getting one, melt your butter ahead of time as to not put a strain on the MB2. The MB2 will not have to work as hard and it will appreciate that over time. Now it will do the process without melting it just fine. But putting the lid back on it can be a problem with the firm butter in there and over the long haul it will help the unit out. Happy cooking!

Machine works as advertised and makes a really messy operation essentially hands free. High quality output. Highly recommended rather than messing with other methods. Minimal smell permeating kitchen too..nice!

Paul G
Seattle, Washington, United States

The machine itself is an absolute gem. I've used it for coconut oil and the result is top notch. Rave reviews from everyone who's tried my treats. Anyone who is thinking twice about purchasing this needs to just do it. The amount of time I saved thanks to little effort needed, zero odor from the extraction process and then a finished product better than anything I've ever tried. Great customer service (live chat) throughout the ordering and delivery process.

A Happy Chef
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States

It is a well-made machine that does exactly what it says it will do. Far better than any late night infomercial product that you may see––quality construction and durable motor. Cleaning the machine is so simple and easy that I look forward to doing it! Before when we made butter it would involve intensive clean up and airing out the house for a day. Not anymore. No mess, no odor. You simply set the machine and forget it. No worries about grinding the herbal product to the correct consistency or getting the mixture too hot or not hot enough or long enough. This machine does it all and delivers a fun light show in the machine head during the process. I would buy this product 100 times over if I had the chance!

Andy J
Truckee, California, United States

Terrific machine. It makes the end product much stronger than my previous methods and it is fun to use. Also, it's quite beautifully designed, sort of like an Apple product. Whoever invented this really surpassed expectations. It works really well, its design is beautiful, and it's reasonable. Don't know what else one can ask for.

Arthur L

My husband has been successful making many flavored oils and butters...perfection every time! This is a restaurant-quality piece of equipment and it performs like it. I have friends who make salves with their machines...it’s truly amazing! Oh yeah, and your customer service rocks!

Betty C
Golden Valley, Minnesota, United States

I am more pleased with the MB2 than I ever imagined. It’s so simple to use. Put in your oil or butter, add your herbs and push a button. That's it. To clean, you do the same thing––add soap and push a button. I make enough butter to last me for a few weeks at a time and it is the best infusion I've ever made. Thanks MagicalButter.com…you guys are the best! I will tell everyone about you and your product. You can count on it.

Billy Purden
Torrey Pines, California, United States

Buying this was a big deal for me and I am so glad I got it directly from the manufacturer. I LOVE it and it has saved me SO many hours of labor and electricity. It was the best business investment ever!! Everyone on our kitchen staff wants one for themselves.

Bonnie W. at Happy Daze Products
Cave Creek, Arizona, United States

Clean up used to be a challenge; now I just car wash it and it’s done.
This machine is top quality stainless steel and so easy to use. Tincture is awesome!

Bruce M
Niagara Falls, New York, United States

As I have aged, and damaged my body in different ways. I have been consuming edibles for the pain for some time. It used to be basically a two day process of cooking down, the whole house smells like, like something you don't want to advertise, to cooling process for the butter to form, then baking, finally you eat a day and a half later. NOW with my MagicalButter2 1.5 hrs. from weighing it out to pulling the first batch out of the oven. This machine is a must have for anyone using cannabis medically!!!

caregiver at "A Natural Healer"

This machine totally takes the guesswork out of infusions! So many delicious options available with this awesome machine. No gimmicks, and lots of thrills!

Chris K
Davis, California, United States

My wife and I bought an MB1 when they first came out and loved it! Now we have 2 MB2's. The added features such as no heat and more accurate temp controls are great as well as the supplied bag strainer. The MB1 did not offer a strainer which was a nice addition. We are still finding products we can make with this amazing device. We can't wait for the MB3!!!! Awesome product and excellent customer service. There is a good reason this company is getting so much attention. Keep up the great work guys!

Beaumont, Texas, United States

I have had great success with my first attempts with butter and oil. I can't wait for the tincture!! To all of the people involved in MB2, Thank You! You guys have truly made a difference in many peoples’ lives in need of an easy way to make medicine.

Danny G
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Wow, great product! All I had to do was throw ingredients in, set and walk away. Very simple. I recommend everyone to buy the MB. My mind can't fathom all the uses for this great machine!

Dave B
Victoria, British Colombia, Canada

Highly recommended. Excellent machine, easy to use and easy to clean. Most important, you will save a lot of time and you'll get an excellent final product, quality and consistency. The customer service team of MB2 are great and the shipping was super fast.

Santa Cruz, California, United States

I have always wanted to make my own herbal butters but just never had the time. When I saw the Magical Butter machine I thought I would give it a try. I'm very glad I did. My first try making Rosemary Butter came out perfect.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Let me start of by saying I'm not a smoker. I don't care for the smell because I live in an apartment. Edibles are expensive and to buy edibles you really don't get an accurate dosage. Now that I can make the main ingredient(s), I'm free. I'm excited because I've saved a lot of money, and I am able to make it the dosage I medically need. Thank you so much.

Happy Nanna
Santa Maria, California, United States

We love the quality of the products we make using our MagicalButter machine. And the ease! It makes what used to be a smelly and time-consuming process into a set-it-and-forget-it piece of cake.

Holly A
Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

Best product I have ever purchased! Easy to use and clean up after words. I would recommend this product a 100%. My wife has very bad depression! Since getting this machine and using it for her depression it has changed her life dramatically!! Thank you magical butter thank you!

Bloomington, Indiana, United States

My MB2 is essential for my health!

Jeff W
COPD Patient, United States

I had a very magical summer thanks to this machine. I love how it does all the work for you. Just press the desired setting and off you go.

Jennie C
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Read the testimonials and they were all great so ordered. It is great and have used it to make everything it is capable of. Big time saver as you don't have to stand over a stove top for hours doing the processing. Clean up is an easy process where before at stove top it was a pain. Wife yelled a lot about the mess. No more! Get it, think you will love it. Had a warranty issue and a phone call and the issue was handled quickly and beyond what I anticipated making their service top notch.

head butter maker

Easy and fast, especially when you consider how long it used to take me to produce any product, It's got to be the best of its kind on the market! Works like a charm. I can't wait to see the MB3.

Jimmy A
Lake Isabella, California, United States

Hey I love this new MBe2. It is amazing, It cleans itself. It makes butter in one hour, oil in 2 hours, and 3 or 4 for tinature. It's so easy with the bag that catches 99 percent of chunks in botanicals. I also love the Love Glove, it really helps getting that thick coconut oil out, and it like a sponge, you don't lose one drop of your treat. This is unbeatable it's not 600 dollars, 175 and you can find a few discounts online. Also their support team had me all fixed in 10 minutes, not 2 hours on hold to talk to someone. Bubba Army

Justin Black
Florida, Ft Myers

I am so happy with this product. No more slaving over a hot crock pot, stirring for hours. Even the cleanup is easier and less time consuming! This machine has made my medicine so much easier to produce and more consistent. I wish this company all the best in present and future endeavors! Go team MB!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My daughter saw the Magical Butter machine and really wanted to try it. She entered the contest and she won! We really like how easy it is to use. Then I entered and I won too! Thank you so much for this wonderful machine!

Kathy L
Oregon City, Oregon, United States

I really Love my MB2. I have cirrhosis and need the oil to try and stay well. Just the thought of me making my own health choices was well worth the investment. Not to mention all my family and friends I can share with. Thank you so much.

Kelly R.
Zephyrhills, Florida, United States

Not knowing what to expect when I ordered the MB Machine I was pleasantly surprised to see how well made it is. It actually looks great sitting on the countertop with the other appliances. Recipe was easy to follow. Once ingredients were inside all you had to do was set the temperature and press BUTTER! The Love Glove and Purity Filter came in handy when separating the pulp from the butter. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an easy to use, SMELL proof way to make Magical Butter!!!!!

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

I would highly recommend this "magical" machine. Easy use, with quick results! No longer do I worry about the proper temperature or time needed, it's all preset. As a caregiver for a patient needing extra relief this is a God send...thank you all so much! Within an hour of receiving Magical Butter machine I had 1 liter of Avocado Herb infused oil made.

Leon M.

We sell many of these units to our patients to make their own medicine! Everyone who has purchased one has been very happy with the units!I own one myself and adore the little guy! I have made some killer stuff!

Liesse T Integr8 Health
Falmouth, Maine, United States

I really like this machine and I would buy it again. The customer service was very helpful when I did a dumb thing, Got it just right the next time. It works great for me. I would tell you to buy it.

Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada

This product makes the process of botanical infusion simple, easy and left with a top-notch extraction!

Mark M
Miami Beach, Florida, United States

I Love It! It's easy to use, easy to clean and takes up very little space in the cupboard. Was a great investment! I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves edibles!

Hardy, Arkansas, United States

I purchased my magical butter machine with thoughts it would not work. It works and works great. I love the time it saves me and how easy and clean everything is. If you make your own butter this machine is a must have, I freaking love this thing!!!!

Oneonta, New York, United States

This is my second MagicalButter machine and it is the best. It is so easy to use, it cleans itself and it's not loud. I’m really happy that it works so well in Germany.

Max G
Herrenberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Wonderful machine! Thanks for the info on proper preparation of botanicals.

Vermont, USA

Congratulations Magical Butter ! You take botanical extractions to a new stratospheric level!!! Your product is absolutely fantastic. It is a must have for anyone who wants the very best for their health. It doesn't matter if it's butter, tinctures or oils, your machine does it all with perfection every time. Just push the button for the product you want and walk away. The machine does everything magically for you!! Thank you Magicalbutter.com for all your hard work and dedication in programming, design and total quality construction. It's truly magical.

Michael S
Tampa, Florida, United States

Buying a Magical Butter Machine is practically a no-brainer…simply using it saves you money. Took all the guess work out of the equation, no more mess. Thank you for making things east!

Old Hippie
Bisbee, Arizona, United States

I bought the machine to make my RSO from the tincture and it turned out so high grade, that I only filled my capsules half full. I'm 65 and have high grade carcinoma breast cancer. Using this machine has saved me many hours making my medicine. I've also made cannabudder and I'm in the process of making cannabis salve with cold pressed virgin coconut oil and shea butter from Africa, some beeswax and a light vanilla fragrance. I would suggest to those out there thinking about buying one of these fabulous machines! STOP thinking!! It's a no brainer when so many people have such success!! Thanks to all who was involved with the design and making of the Magical Butter Machine! I also am not an employee, I'm retired computer tech....LOL soooooo All you folks out there may be interested in buying the Magical Butter Machine Cookbook soon to be released! I know I was one of the first ones to prepay so I'd get mine when they come out. Blessings to all, Keep Watching!!

Pam A.
Elgin, Oregon, United States

The MB2 has changed our lives. It makes it possible to get consistent dosage in everything we make. We've made butter, oil & tincture. The MB2 works like a charm. Easy to use & to clean up.
Support has been professional & friendly. We had a malfunction & the sales team jumped right on it & fixed the problem. You can't ask for more than that.
Thank you, Magical Butter!

Pat P.
Chief chef

You would have to go out of your way to screw up a batch of product with this unit. Every moving part is crisp and secure. It's built like something from Germany or Switzerland. No, I'm not on the payroll––this product is just that good.

Patrick O
Louisville, Kentucky, United States

I have been making "medibles" for the last 8 years and the extraction process has always taken between 8 and 12 hours. The MagicalButter machine has reduced that time to 1- 4 hours. The extraction is more complete with the MagicalButter machine, so there is less waste. One of the few products that actually works as advertised. It's worth twice the cost.

Peter G
Poali, Indiana, United States

Purchase this product to make butter mostly. It does everything very well. The oil gets made at 160 degrees so then run thru still to recover alcohol. It's great. Everything it does it great and clean up the best. That is what use to drive me nuts was clean up. Do this right after you empty liquids, add soap, water to between low and full marks and hit clean. WOW, no mess!!! Five stars isn't enough.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States

I love my MB2. It is a complete life-saver, since I do not like to smoke. It is super easy to use, and helps me make my night time edibles super MagicalButter awesome! I cannot wait for the MB3!

Rhonda A
Redondo Beach, California, United States

It was such a pleasure to deal with your customer service. I love the product and feel like I bought it from the best people on earth. Thank you, MagicalButter.com!

Richard D
Bay City, Michigan, United States

I purchased my Magical Butter machine with thoughts that it would not work. I used to make butter over 3 days, bringing it up to simmer and down to solid form, over and over again. I love the time it saves me and how easy and clean everything is. If you make your own butter, this machine is a must have. I freaking love this thing!

Ricky N
Ward, Colorado, United States

I can't give this product any rating other than 5 star because it works flawlessly. Absolute perfect extractions every time. However my only complaint is that the minimum amount of herb required to use the machine is too high. Other then that this machine is made too well and they should raise the price of it!!

Covina, California, United States

Okay listen….stop using the crock pot etc.. Buy this Magical Butter machine now. I just made my third batch of tincture and it is so darn easy it is ridiculous. No more monitoring
temperature and all that hassle. All you do is add the vegetable glycerin and weed, pick the temperature and time, and away you go. Four hours later it is done and all you do is
strain it and it is done. It turns out perfectly every time. I highly recommend this product! I absolutely love it!


Making the highest quality coconut oil & butter infusions has never been easier! Simple & satisfying. I can tell from the quality of this machine that I will be using it for years to come! Every medicinal patient should have one of these! Thank you for making such a great product.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

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