How to Make Mushroom Gummies

How to Make Mushroom Gummies

Unlock the Magic of Mushrooms.

Mushrooms are the future, for us and for the planet at large.

Mushrooms already promote health in so many different ways, from enhancing cardiovascular efficiency and boosting immunity to helping to increase longevity. The benefits of adding mushrooms into your diet are vast, and in this article we’ll show you one way to easily add them into your diet.

Magical Mushroom Gummies

What are Mushroom Gummies?

Mushroom gummies or mushroom edibles are an easy and delicious way to get your daily or weekly doses of mushrooms. The best thing about these gummies is that you can use ANY dried or powdered mushroom that you have, functional or psychedelic.

Is it okay to heat my mushrooms?

There is some debate as to whether high heat affects the beneficial properties of mushrooms, because unfortunately there hasn’t been enough scientific studies to come to a definite conclusion. However, we do know that people have been preparing mushroom tea for as long as we’ve been consuming mushrooms, and there’s been research to say it makes a more potent brew.

But to ensure we keep all of that mushroom goodness, we’ll be using a low heat option to make our mushroom extracts.

Backlit MagicalButter Machine on Table with Filter and Glove

Mushroom Extract with the MagicalButter Machine

The first step is to make your mushroom infusion. The essence of mushrooms can be extracted in multiple ways with the MagicalButter Machine.

For example, you could use water to make a tea, grain alcohol to make a tincture, or vegetable glycerin for a sublingual extract.

  • 2-3 tablespoons Dried Mushrooms or Mushroom Powder of choice*
  • At least 2 cups of water
  • OPTIONAL: 1-2 tablespoons Alcohol (75% ABV or higher) – a splash of alcohol will help to keep your infusion lasting longer 
  1. Add your ingredients to the MagicalButter Machine.
  2. Set your temperature to 130°F, and press the 1 HOUR button.*
  3. Once the cycle is complete, strain your extract to remove the mushroom pulp.
  4. You’re ready to make gummies!

*For mushroom tea 1 HOUR is perfect. If you want to steep it for longer, you may need to add more water to offset evaporation.

Chaga Mushroom Tea

Mushroom Gummy Recipe


  • 1 Bag of Magical Gummy Mix or 6 ounces Flavored Gelatin (not sugar-free) + 2 envelopes (½ ounce) Unflavored Gelatin
  • 7 fluid ounces Mushroom Extract, cold


  1. Pour the liquid into a large glass bowl.
  2. Sprinkle your gummy mix over the top and gently fold the mix into your liquid using a silicone spatula. Keep folding gently until the powder fully absorbs the liquid.
  3. Let the bowl rest for 10 minutes. Be patient, it’s blooming!
  4. Once the mixture is bloomed, and the liquid is absorbed, place the glass bowl onto a large pot of boiling water. Use your spatula to gently mix as it melts. Keep mixing until it’s fully dissolved. 1-3 minutes.
  5. Add your infusion, extract, or oil into the mixture and fold gently to mix thoroughly.
  6. Transfer the mix to a silicone measuring cup and carefully pour your mixture into your gummy trays. Let the gummies set at room temperature for 1 hour, or in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Once they're set, pop them out and enjoy!

MagicaButter Mushroom Gummies with Gummy Mix and Reishi Chaga Turkey Tail Lion's Mane Cordyceps

Don’t have the time to extract? Instead, you could simply mix in ground mushrooms when you're melting your gummies (after they've bloomed).

The gummies should be stored in the fridge and will last for about a week, and up to a month if you used alcohol in your infusion.


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