What’s a Reishi Mushroom, and Why is it So Good for My Immune System?

The Reishi mushroom’s beneficial effects have been known in Chinese medicine for centuries, and Western medicine is finally understanding how these powerful fungi can work with the body’s natural immune system to improve and modify immune responses.

What’s a Reishi mushroom?

Wild Reishi mushrooms, or Ganoderma lucidum, are rare, but can be found growing on trees in temperate forest regions throughout Asia, Europe, South America, and the United States. They are a shiny reddish brown, have kidney shaped caps, and can grow up to eight inches across. 

Mycologists have managed to grow potent, bioavailable Reishi in a controlled setting, to make sourcing this powerful superfood easier and affordable. Reishi mushrooms have been heavily researched, and there are multiple benefits to adding mushroom powders to a daily diet. ‡

Immune benefits of Reishi mushrooms  

Mushrooms contain hundreds of compounds that can modify how the immune system reacts in any given situation. Since much illness is caused either by an insufficient immune response or an overactive immune response, this can be extremely valuable to overall health. 

The innate immune system is the one people are born with. The adaptive immune system is the one that learns and changes over time, as it is exposed to different stimulants and threats. Compounds in the Reishi mushroom can help modify both. ‡

Reishi and you

Many people whose immune system is constantly tested, such as those who travel for work or have mentally or physically stressful jobs, find that Reishi helps support their wellbeing. Discover more and get your daily dose with the Magical Reishi Mushroom Powder. ‡

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