The Magical Gummy Kit Is Here!

Make your own infused gummy edibles!

Imagine making your own gummy candy edibles...

Hands Holding Cherry and Blue Raspberry GummiesHands Holding Mango and Lime Gummies 

Now stop imagining and do it!

 Magical Gummy Kit Pouring Gummy Mix Into Bowl

Our new Magical Gummy Kit is so easy to use, you’ve officially run out of excuses. It’s time to make your own gummy edibles. With our kit and some fresh bud, you’ll have everything you need to make dozens of fun fruity snacks that will make you feel great.

Your friends will say, “Wow, you didn’t get these at a dispensary!?”

Your tongue will say, “Wow, what a real fruity flavor!”

Your grandma will say, “Wow, that’s pretty, can I have one?”

Why does everyone love infused gummies?

Gummies are now the most popular edible. 83% of infused candies sold are gummies.[1] People love them because they remind us of our favorite candies like sour patch kids, gummy bears, swedish fish, and sour gummy worms.

Infused gummies have practical benefits as well: they’re discreet, portable, easy to dose and store. You can take them on a hike, to a show, or anywhere you’re out enjoying nature.

They make dosing easy because each gummy is one dose. They’re more economical because they provide a longer high than smoking. If you want to take a half dose, they’re easy to cut in two – they don’t shatter into a million pieces like hard candies. They won’t crumble like a cookie if you drop one on the floor.

Gummies also stay good for longer and are more versatile than other edibles. If you find an old gummy in the back of your pantry that’s been there for months, it still might be good, unlike baked edibles which go stale. Smaller in size than baked goods, they’re easier to take when you’re not hungry. Made in batches of dozens at a time, it’s easy to share them with friends or hand them out at a party. 

And with our new gummy kit, they’re easy to make at home – as easy as jello or brownies out of a box.

Make your own gummies!

Our gummy kit makes it easy – just add water and herbal extract to make gummies. 

Pouring Gummies from the Magical Gummy Kit into 10ml Gummy Molds

Unlike making gummies from scratch, when you use our kit, you don’t have to mess around with balancing flavored/unflavored gelatin, flavorings, and coloring. Our gummy mix is designed to come out with perfect chewy consistency every time. And since they’re made with natural flavors, they taste like real cherries, raspberries, mangoes, and limes.

What’s in the Magical Gummy Kit?

Our gummy edibles kit has all the essential tools included and it’s easy to use even if you have zero gummy-making experience.

Magical Gummy Kit Mango LimeMagical Gummy Kit Cherry Blue Raspberry

Don’t worry about calculating volumes of liquids – our gummy mix is perfectly portioned to fill the two included gummy molds.

Our kit includes everything you need to avoid spilling or losing any of your precious gummy ingredients. It comes with spatulas to scrape up every last bit of gummy mix and perfectly stir your ingredients so your finished products don’t have any bubbles in them. Silicone measuring cups flex and provide a clean pour into your molds so no gummy juice ends up on your counter. Our 10ml gummy molds are made of platinum-cured silicone that is non-stick so your gummies will pop out and not leave any precious bits of gummy goodness behind.

What’s included:

  • Magical 10ml Gummy Molds (2-Pack)
  • Magical Spatulas (3-Pack)
  • Magical Measuring Cups
  • Choose one of two Gummy Mix Packets
    • option 1: Cherry and Blue Raspberry
    • option 2: Mango and Lime

Our gummy mix is flexible and will work with a variety of infused ingredients including concentrated distillateFECO, and infused coconut oil. You can make all of these three in our MB2e machine.

Once you have your infusion, making gummies takes five easy steps:

  1. Add gummy mix to water
  2. Rest
  3. Melt
  4. Mix in your herbal infusion
  5. Pour into molds

You can see just how easy it is by watching our gummy-making videos.

Make your gummies special

Our gummy mixes are easy to use and they’re also easy to customize. There’s hundreds of ways to add other ingredients to your gummies to make them stand out.

Combine flavors!

Mix and match flavors to find out what works best. Our kits provide two bundled flavors that work well together cherry/blue raspberry and mango/lime. For perfect batch sizes, combine two dry gummy mixes together when dry then divide in half to make two separate batches.

Add extra flavors!

In any of the base flavors you can add additional flavors by adding extracts. Try adding a teaspoon of vanilla extract to cherry, lemon extract to blue raspberry, rum to lime, or cherry extract to mango.

If you’re adding botanicals to your gummies by using infused coconut oil, you can use unrefined coconut oil to add a bit of coconut flavor to your gummies. It goes great with lime and mango flavors.

Make sour gummies

Do you love sour gummy worms or sour patch kids? When you’re making homemade gummies, you can use sour sugar to give your infused gummies a sweet and sour coating just like your favorite treats.

Simply mix together 1 teaspoon anhydrous citric acid with 1 cup of granulated sugar and gently toss your finished gummies in it before storing. Add more citric acid as desired for a more tart flavor.

Expand your gummy sizes

Our Magical Gummy Kit comes with everything you need to make 10ml sized gummies. If you want smaller sized gummies, we also have 2ml molds and 8ml molds available. Want to make the biggest homemade gummy ever? Make a gigantic gummy bar in our butter stick molds!

Magical Butter Stick Made of Gummies Drop

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