Purify Filter 220

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The durable and reusable PurifyFilters are micron filter bags for straining your extraction and separating it from the plant material. The finely woven mesh, allows the liquid to effortlessly pass through while capturing the sediment. These filter bags are both durable & reusable. 

  • Precision fine woven, nylon mesh. Micron sizes indicate filter weave openings, the smaller numbers have smaller openings which reduce sediment flow and increase processing time. The larger micron openings allow increased levels of sediment flow and the processing time is decreased.
  • Durable construction - Holds up to the most rigorous squeezing, delivering every last drop and maximizing your yield.
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Weight: 1 lb

Width: 6 Inches

Height: 8 Inches

Depth: 1 Inch

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